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The UK Convoy to EF

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EF 15 Furball Run photos online [Sep. 22nd, 2009|10:50 pm]
The UK Convoy to EF

Hi guys; My turn to upload photoses.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/atpaw/sets/72157622431645454/ <--- Enclicken!

If you wish for any of 'em to be taken down, drop me a message.

Feel free to comment on 'em on Flickr or here, too! :)

(Edit: I was in the EF -> UK part of the trip only, so there're no photos of UK -> EF, natch)
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Furball photos! [Sep. 16th, 2009|03:25 pm]
The UK Convoy to EF

My photos from the run are now Here!

I'm still working on the video but its coming along nicely and will be up soon. Maybe.

Also, if anyone has any issues with any of the photos I've uploaded, contact me and I'll take it down...

Similarly, if anyone would like full-res versions of any photos with them, or they're car in then again, get in contact and I'll send them to you!
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A couple of questions... [Sep. 14th, 2009|08:45 pm]
The UK Convoy to EF

Hello everyone!

I'm currently working on my furball run video and I had a couple of queries...

Firstly, does anyone have links to an online version of the Google maps pages we where given? Basically I need a map of the route we took please :)

Secondly, does anyone have an issue with they're number plates being included in the video? Most of the photos that have emerged of the run so far have had the plates covered but I wont be able to do that on the video... so would anyone rather they're reg wasn't on teh internets?

Indcidently, my photos of the run should be up soon as they're in the final stages of processing.

More soon!
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Furball run 2009 group photo... [Sep. 5th, 2009|12:55 am]
The UK Convoy to EF

Still working on my shots from EF and the FB run but for now heres the group shot we got in Maidstone services before we all parted ways!

(Click for a bigger view!)

I've completed sorting the photos on the run to EF, I've just got the con itself and the run back to complete. I may release photos in stages... but we shall see.

Thanks to all for making it such a fun time!
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Shep sez: [Sep. 1st, 2009|10:26 pm]
The UK Convoy to EF

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The run was a resounding success, I'm sure that you'll all agree. Thanks, Jasper and see you all next year! :D
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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2009|11:04 pm]
The UK Convoy to EF

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Here we go!!


Monday 24th August

11:00 am till 12:00 midday = Meet up at Maidstone Services on the M20

12:00 = Depart for Folkestone and check in for Eurotunnel

12:50 = FINAL check in time. We need to be at Folkestone before this!

13:20 = The train to Calais

No scheduled times from here on: Arrive at Calais

Stop 1: +51° 11' 5.63" , +3° 6' 26.85" ( 51.184898 , 3.107457) E40 after JCT 6 in Belgium (Jebbeke)

Stop 2: +50° 42' 21.28" , +5° 15' 2.40" ( 50.70591 , 5.250666) E40 after JCT 28a in Belgium (Berloz)

Convoy will group at stop 2 and head into: +50° 40' 47.47" , +5° 37' 48.07" ( 50.679854 , 5.630019 ) Formule 1 Hotel in Liege,Belgium. This one!


Tuesday 25th August

Depart Liege heading for Suhl

Stop 1: +50° 52' 52.421" , +7° 56' 4.510" (50.881228 , 7.934586) E40 after JCT 20 in Germany (Freudenberg)

Stop 2: +50° 52' 39.968" , +10° 48' 33.606" (50.877769 , 10.809335) E40 after JCT 42 in Germany (Gotha)

Convoy will group at Stop 2 and proceed in convoy through the epic tunnels and will arrive at EF as one (I hope!!!!)

Destination is: 50° 37'1.805" 10° 43'25.036" (50.617168,10.723621) Ringberg Hotel,Suhl.



Monday 31st August

Depart Suhl heading for Koblenz

Stop 1: +50° 37' 23.869" , +8° 53' 41.262" (50.623297 , 8.894795) E40 after JCT 7 in Germany (Grunberg)

Stop 2: +50° 27' 6.703" , +7° 43' 31.037" (50.451862 , 7.725288 ) E44 after JCT 13 in Germany (Dreieck Dernbach)

Group at this stop and head for : +50° 23' 34.85'' , +7° 32' 24.50'' (50.39301 , 7.54013 ) Etap Hotel in Koblenz otherwise known as THIS PLACE!


We shall all group and proceed to the Nurburgring as a Convoy. There are no co-ordinated stops for this leg as it is a short leg (76 miles). We shall also return as a convoy to Koblenz. The ring can be found here: 50° 20' 48.052" , 6° 57' 55.768" (50.34668 , 6.96549)


Tuesday 1st September

Depart Koblenz,Destination unknown tongue.gif hehe I kid,I mean Maidstone!

Stop 1: +50° 43' 6.791" , +6° 7' 11.406" (50.718553 , 6.119835) E40 after JCT2 on the border with Germany and Belgium (Aachen - Lichtenbusch)

Stop 2: +51° 11' 16.019" , +3° 6' 20.088" (51.187783 , 3.10558 ) E40 on JCT 6 with DeHaan in Belgium.

Group here and head to Calais ready for our return train at : 17:50 Check in Closes, 18:20 departure

Reach England,home of chavs and rain.

Group meet at Maidstone Services on the M20 for congratulations,no commiserations hopefully and a de-brief tongue.gif


These co-ordinates are true to the best of Google's knowledge and as such should not be relied upon and will only give a general direction. It will be down to your vigilance to ensure that you are able to stop safely and efficiently.

I have given both co-ordinate types that most sat navs commonly use. I am sorry if this does not support yours, however,please use http://www.nearby.org.uk/conversions.cgi to convert these.

If you do not have Sat Nav,it is advisable to gain access to a printer and google maps. Please use the co-ordinates in brackets and print off direction sheets.

DO NOT RELY ON THESE CO-ORDINATES FOR FUEL STOPS! It is unknown how many of these stops have a re-fuelling facility so please ensure that you stop when you need fuel and do not try and run to the next checkpoint low on fuel. IT IS ILLEGAL TO RUN OUT OF FUEL IN GERMANY AND YOU WILL BE FINED!

Remember,this is NOT a race. If you get pulled by the fuzz and given hefty fines for driving like a tit, do not come running to us! If the police ask about 'the furball run' seeing as you *may* be bearing those stickers, we are NOT a rally or race,we are a CONVOY. I do not want the whole convoy labelled for one thoughtless persons actions!

I am NOT to be held responsible for any incidents that happen on the Furball Run through no fault of my own.

Good Luck,Have fun and Drive Safe,always wear a safety belt and use your turning signals and also don't forget to check your mirrors before overtaking *coughMEYOUcough*

Please ensure that your car is road legal,in a good state of repair,you have all the needed items (Eg headlamp deflectors,First Aid Kit,Bulb Kit etc) and that you have ALL documents on you (insurance,V5©, M.O.T,Tax and BOTH parts of your driving license) and have European breakdown cover.
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Last Ditch Attempt at Eurofurence [Aug. 19th, 2009|05:03 pm]
The UK Convoy to EF

[Current Mood |fired up!]

I'm trying to secure a place as a passenger with anyone for both trips.

A long shot, I know; but if I can secure transport and a ticket by the end of tomorrow, I'll be wrecking shop. :)

Leave a message here or email me direct at shazomei AT gmail.com with any offers and any contact details that I'll need. I'm more than willing to contribute towards costs, obviously.

I need to secure transport first, so if I can ideally do that tonight rather than tomorrow morning, all much the better. :)
I need to leave for work now, contact tonight won't be until 11pm if you don't mind the late night contact (so say so). Otherwise I will contact anyone who offers in the morning.

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Don't forget the beam deflectors! [Aug. 19th, 2009|03:46 pm]
The UK Convoy to EF

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As part of your preparations, make sure that you fit beam deflectors to your vehicle's headlamps, as the police (notably the French Police Nationale, who prey on British drivers leaving the Channel Tunnel and the ferry ports) may fine you if you don't.

Volvo-approved headlamp beam deflectors:

Really! The handbook for the S/V70 instructs you to use insulation tape to make headlamp beam deflectors if you are driving on the Continent. You should be able to do the same with other makes, which will save you a fair bit of money. Just remember to bring the tape with you, in case it falls off :)
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Autobahn [Jul. 17th, 2009|03:45 pm]
The UK Convoy to EF

Just so that people are aware, I will have a spare seat on the way out to EF, but not on the way back due to bringing Atpaw back to the UK after EF. To this end, if anyone in either a rather full or slightly slower car wishes to experience a couple of high speed runs on the de-restricted sections of the autobahn once we're in Germany, then make yourself known to me when the convoy meets, either at the Channel Tunnel or at the stopover hotel on the morning of the second leg.

I won't be asking for petrol money for this, just that you put up with my music, answer any radio comms, and don't ask me to slow down once in the car. XKR's aren't made for that :P

(Please note: This offer is only open to those already taking part in the run, not for anyone looking for travel across to Germany as I cannot offer a return trip.)
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Motorfurs Meet at EF 15 [Jul. 17th, 2009|07:42 am]
The UK Convoy to EF

Are you a Cat who loves Carburettors? A Vulpine with a taste for a V8? A Wolf who loves a finely-tuned Wankel? If so, then this is the event for you! Held from 12:00 to approximately 14:00 on Friday 28th July (weather and attending numbers dependant) in the lower car park area at the Ringberg Hotel, 2009 sees EF's very first Motorfurs meet! If you want to bring your car along to show it off to others, talk all things automotive with others who share your interests, then come on down! Even if you don't bring a car, you're more than welcome to come along for a look and a chat.

Due to the nature of the event, EF management and the event co-ordinator ask that you respect both the safety and property of those attending, and also that of the hotel and other guests. To this end there are a few safety rules:

No dangerous stunts - Anyone deemed to be driving dangerously will be asked to remove themselves and their vehicle from the event area.

No burnouts - Once again, offenders will be asked to leave.

No damage to other cars/hotel ground/attendees- Please take care when parking and maneuvering, and also be mindful of paintwork when looking through open windows.

No Wheel/tyre markings to be left on the road surface.

No unnecessary noise - i.e. keep Stereo equpiment to tolerable levels, and no extended revving of engines.

If you wish to look closer inside someone's vehicle, ask the owner. Do not just open the door and get in.

Stay safe, and enjoy the event!

(X-posted from EF forums for those not registered on them)
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