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What's It Like? [May. 27th, 2010|01:50 am]
The UK Convoy to EF


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I've been thinking about joining the Furball Run and driving to EuroFurence myself this year, rather then just being a passenger, but I have never driven such a long distance and not yet driven in another country.

So I wanted to ask, how has it been for those of you who have driven the journey in the past couple of years, or maybe you've done a similar journey? Is it tiring? Do you find yourself falling asleep at the wheel? Or do you find that the time passes more quickly when you're driving? Was the Furball Run your first foreign driving experience?

I'd love to hear the drivers experiences so far!

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[User Picture]From: shep_shepherd
2010-06-04 01:55 pm (UTC)
I'd never driven on the right away from Cité Europe before last year, but I got used to being on the wrong side of the road really quickly and had an absolute ball, so much so that on the last day of EF, I drove out into the Thuringen Wald for an hour or so, just to enjoy the roads and the scenery. Of course, driving on the Autobahn is something else and should be done at least once by anyone who remotely considers themselves a car enthusiast :)

Volvos are comfortable cars made to drive long distances, so I didn't suffer from fatigue to any degree, and in any case, concentrating on driving kept me awake, as did the car's stereo and chatting with my co pilot ;)
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